I’m No Good at Titles

I generally have been no good at this kind of stuff but I’m gonna give it my best shot. Here goes my first blog post entitled “I’m No Good at Titles” because if you couldn’t guess I am no good at titles.

Here goes nothing!

My name is Jack, and I am just a lowly freshman in a big place with lots and lots of people. I like to call this large place Chapel Hill and although it is filled with lots of people it is still awesome. It is an awesome place where lots of 18-22 year olds like me learn how to grow up. This blog will serve as my freshman year reflection upon my first year of college, and learning how to grow up. I plan to use this blog to talk about what’s going on in the world, the Tarheels and other sports teams, what is going on in my life, and other random things that come out of my mind. I dedicate this first post to random facts that people should talk a lot more about. Here are just a few:

1. People are absolutely freaking crazy! There are lots of crazy people in the world and they just so happen to be everywhere. They cannot be avoided, and not a day goes by that you won’t come into contact with at least one crazy person. When you accept that fact it is so much easier to deal with people. And if you find that you don’t interact with someone crazy every day then the odds are that you are either living in fantasyland, or you are that crazy person. Sorry for that, but that is a fact.

images (3)

2. Various vegetables such as cabbage, brussel sprouts, and broccoli are a detriment to society. They are gross, and we should keep them away from women, children, the elderly, and heck pretty much everyone. We need much less gross green veggies and a whole lot more meat. Steak and chicken rock, and serve as much better food than the stuff growing in the ground. That is a fact. But seriously, broccoli is bad for you.


3. The UNC football team is wrongfully getting overlooked by the CFB Playoff Committee. They may not have had the most intense schedule of all teams but they are deservingly (9-1) and should be much higher than 17 on the list. They deserve to be a lot closer to making the top 4 than they are now. They may not deserve a spot right now, but if they win out against VT and NC State, then beat Clemson in the ACC championship, then they should at least get some consideration. Come on man. That is a fact.

images (2)

4. UNC is way better than Duke. I am only a recent convert to Carolina Nation but I have already developed a hatred for the Blue Devils. Growing up hating the Alabama Crimson Tide as an Auburn fan makes an easy transfer to hating Duke. Its simple. I just think of Coach K as the Nick Saban of Basketball. Duke sucks. That is a fact.

images (1).jpeg

5. Let me just reiterate: anyone in the entire world > Duke. But most importantly UNC> Duke. That is and always will be a fact.imgres

6. Growing up does not live up to all the hype that we all thought it would. Many of the taken for granted luxuries of childhood like nap time, Saturday cartoons, and a carefree attitude are unheard of to an eighteen year old. College life is filled with stress, lack of sleep, and the endless of Monday-Friday classes, and lots and lots of stress. Did I mention tons of stress? I would gladly fork over the power to manage my own bank account to be able to relax and watch Rocket Power all Saturday. Life passes by quick, and that is a fact. But I guess that is just a part of growing up.

download (1)

Some true facts about life.

Stay classy, Chapel Hill.


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